Living for the

return of the Lord.








A Family of Missional Communities 

Committed to sharing a life of daily worship and prayer, discipleship training, and world outreach.


GB Cyprus

Raising up sons and daughters of encouragement in the spirit of Barnabas to transform tribes and nations.

Cyprus Website

GB Herrnhut

Connecting to the ancient wells of prayer and missions established by the Moravians and activating a new missional movement.

Herrnhut Website

GB Geneva

Drawing on a rich spiritual inheritance and planting seeds for a new reformation that will shape the course of history in Europe.

Geneva Website

Worship and Prayer

Learning to hear and obey the voice of God. Developing a personal devotional life by building personal and corporate altars of worship and prayer. Identifying with Yeshua’s heart and burden for all peoples. Igniting holy passion for Yeshua through daily devotion to the Lord. Understanding the character and ways of God. Growing in intimacy by becoming rooted and grounded in the love of Father God.

Community Life

Enjoying the blessing of training in the context of community life. Appreciating the contribution and mutual blessing of the generations supporting one another. Deepening authentic relationships by sharing everyday life together. Sharpen- ing one another through accountability and commitment. Championing the call of God in each person. Running together for God’s purposes as a company of friends.

Jewish Roots

Teaching from a first century, apostolic, Jewish rooted perspective of the Scrip- tures. Celebrating the biblical calendar by honoring the Sabbath and the Feasts of the Lord. Training in righteousness through a biblically centered lifestyle in the power of the Holy Spirit. Recognizing the vital relationship between Israel and the church today. Experiencing God’s heart for the land and people of Israel.